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Manage My Website for Me

Manage My Website for Me has a lot of benefits.

But, here’s a much more important point!

We have opened up 50 seats for a special early Beta Membership. With this, you will receive all of the benefits offered.

Your monthly membership will be locked in for as long as your membership remains active.

Regardless of future price increases. After the Beta Memberships are filled, the price will increase by 100%.

Time, Confidence, and Freedom

We’re delivering these three things.

More Time, Confidence, and Freedom for You.


First is Time. As a business owner, I’m sure you get the value of your time and your staff. You’re paying for every single thing that’s done on behalf of your business. We business owners look for more cost-effective ways to complete any service or process. We want the most reasonable price in exchange for the best possible outcome. The monthly cost of Manage My Website for Me is less than a cup of coffee at the drive-thru every business day for a month. Not much! For that, we’re giving you back the time invested in worry and work to invest in bringing in business. That has greater value to you and your family. Don’t do this work yourself and constantly worry about the outcome.


The second is Confidence. The confidence that your website is safe, stable, and protected. Delivering the fact that it’s running at top performance. It is your website; however, so we’ll be letting you know how other people are seeing your website. This is like the secret shopper. We check if the customer experience is what you would like it to be. We check to see that your website up and running every five minutes. We check the load speed, are pages missing, or are there any other things that are detracting from the visitor experience. We’re watching all of this so you don’t have to. This gives you confidence as well as well.


The third is Freedom. In life, we want freedom from the tedious tasks. Freedom to do more of what we want. Freedom to do things we enjoy. Freedom to express our life in the way that we believe to be important. Freedom to build our business. Manage My Website for Me delivers freedom to you. You don’t need to worry about this stuff. You know that every day someone is looking at the website, your online user experience. We notify you if something goes outside of the predefined norms. This is what Manage My Website for Me gives to you, our customer.

Let’s Do This!

Getting Started is Really Easy.

  1. Click the button below to sign up.
  2. We’ll contact you to schedule the video conference onboarding interview.
    • We do this to talk about your business and your website.
    • We want to understand your goals, so we can tailor our service to fit those goals.
    • We will review your website and talk about any issues we see.
    • We will explain the features of Manage My Website for Me.
    • We will answer any other question you have.

After the video conference, you’re on board, up and running and protected that day.

Protect Your Website

Your membership in Manage My Website for Me delivers everything listed below for the low Beta Membership price of $49.99 per month. You can save even more with the Annual Membership.

Before a broader offering, we have opened up 50 seats for the Beta Membership.

As a Beta Member, your membership price will be locked in for as long as your membership remains active, regardless of future price increases.

After the Beta Memberships are filled, the price will increase by over 40%.

With this membership, you will receive all of the benefits offered which includes:

  • Nightly Off-site Backups
  • Brute Force Attack Blocking
  • Security Alerts
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Database Optimization
  • Country Blocking
  • IP Blocking
  • Broken Links
  • Abandoned Plugins
  • Live Traffic Monitoring
  • Spamvertising?
  • Trojans, Backdoors & More!
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Links to Bad Content
  • Bad Admins
  • Staging Site
  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Load Speed
  • Tailored Your Way

Start protecting your website NOW!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Manage My Website for Me, for any reason, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and your money will be refunded.